Tim Holcombe is the CEO and Chief Designer for Holcombe Homes. He was born, raised, and continues to live in Southern California, where he and his wife, Cheryl, raised their two daughters, Christine and Kimberly.

The Holcombe Family has been building homes since 1972, the business having begun with Tim's parents, Bob and Donna Holcombe. Tim discovered early on his passion for creating custom homes in his family's traditional early-Californian style and through his work is able to share his talent and creativity. Tim's style and character can be seen in each house he creates, as he incorporates influences from Mexico, North Africa, and the American Southwest.

Tim always works closely with his clients. He uses their input to bring to life the vision of their perfect home, and each home is built fully unique, combining Tim's extraordinary design talents with the clients' desires for their dream home.

In his free time, Tim plays music and sings in various groups and at several churches. His creativity also extends to the kitchen, where he is well-known to cook up delicious gourmet meals on a moment's notice.